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Vittoriano and Ara Coeli

Dettagli rapidi

Adult 18+
Child 4-17
Infant 0-3

Visit the most important building of Modern Rome

Every visitor that travels to Rome sees the Vittoriano, uses it as a landmark and takes dozens of pictures of it. Nevertheless, only a few know what it truly is. On this exclusive 1.5-hour tour led by a local top-rated guide, you discover the art, history, and curiosities of the most famous monument of modern Rome.

The Vittoriano was built after the unification of Italy in 1911 to celebrate King Victor Emmanuel II and the country’s values and territories. The horse statue on top is the biggest in the whole world. You get to climb the building up to a high terrace where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

Only a few steps away, you enter the church of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli. This is where many Italian celebrities got married, and it’s still a favorite of Roman couples. It is the main temple of the Franciscan order in the city and hosts important masterpieces.

The tour ends on Capitol Hill, where you see Michelangelo’s square, original milestones, Marcus Aurelius’ statue, the Gemini sculptures, the town hall, and other famous artworks.

Sites Visited

Checkmark The balcony of “Donna Letizia” – Napoleone Bonaparte’s mother

Checkmark Venice square and its important façade

Checkmark Vittoriano – Lovingly nicknamed by locals “the big typewriter”

Checkmark The statues of Tirrenian and Adriatic Seas

Checkmark Allegories of The Thought and The Action

Checkmark Monument to Unknown Soldier

Checkmark Wonderful view of the Roman Forum

Checkmark The Church of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli