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Palazzo Massimo National Roman Museum

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Adult 18 and older
2 Adults 18 and older
3 - 6 Adults 18 and older
7 - 10 Adults 18 and older
Child 5 - 17 years old
Infant 0 - 4 years old

Discover the National Roman Museum and admire Greek works

Palazzo Massimo alle Terme is near Termini train station. It contains one of the world’s most important collections of Classical art. The museum consists of four levels hosting collections of sculptures, mosaics, busts and frescos depicting the culture of everyday life over the course of several hundred years.

On this small-group 2-hour tour, you enjoy skip-the-line entry to the National Roman Museum and admire collection highlights of Greek works including the ‘Boxer at Rest’, a bronze statue dated back to IV century b.C., the ‘Discus Thrower’, a marble sculpture of 455 b.C. whose original was a bronze statue, and the ‘Sleeping Hermaphrodite’, which depicts a young man sleeping. The rear view, with the buttocks in the foreground in a provocative way, suggests the beauty of a female body.

On the fourth floor, you can see the richly decorated rooms that belonged to Empress Livia, Augustus’ wife. Between them is a garden depicted in great detail and with a great variety of plant species.

If you like ancient art, you will love this tour. Take it also as a good alternative in rainy days or a cool refuge from the hottest days of summer in Rome

Sites Visited

Checkmark Altar of Romulus and Remus
Checkmark Ancient Roman calendar fragments
Checkmark Statue of Emperor Augustus
Checkmark The bronze statue of Boxer at Rest
Checkmark Mosaics from the Villa of Livia, wife of Augustus
Checkmark The Portonaccio sarcophagus, used for the burial of a Roman general
Checkmark The Torlonia vase, a colossal marble vase, made in the 1st century b.C.
Checkmark The largest coin collection in Italy