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Origins of Rome Walking Tour

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Adult 18+
Child 4-17
Infant 0-3

Discover the history of Rome on a walking tour

Take this pleasant walking tour to discover Rome and its origins. On a relaxing afternoon walk, you hear stories and legends about the city since its dawn, like the story of Romulus and Remus, the twins fed by a she-wolf. See the Bocca Della Verità, the famous mask that bites the hand of liars, and visit places perfectly preserved, such as the Temple of Hercules, the Temple of Portunus and the Arch of Janus. Finish at the biggest place for outdoor games: the Circus Maximus, where many chariot races took place at the time of Roman kings.

The tour starts at Tiberine Island, where you discover why the unique Roman island has the shape of a ship. Then you continue towards the areas where merchants and shepherds from the surrounding hills and inland territories gathered to trade in the first centuries b.C. and then they merged into a brand new community sharing temples and political institutions. If you are fond of Roman history, this could be your first step to the discovery of the Eternal City, starting from its origins.

Sites Visited

Checkmark Tiber Island – A small boat-shaped island in the southern bend of the River Tiber

Checkmark Forum Holitorium – Once the vegetable sellers’ market

Checkmark Temple of Portunus – Located in the ancient Forum Boarium, the cattle market of ancient Rome

Checkmark The Mouth of Truth – Marble mask. Stick your hand in its mouth to know if you’re telling the truth!

Checkmark San Giorgio in Velabro – According to the legend, Roman history began here: This is supposed to be the place where the she-wolf found Romulus and Remus.

Checkmark Circus Maximus – The largest stadium in ancient Rome for chariot racing