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Love and Sex History Tour in Ancient Rome

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Adult 18 and older
2 Adults 18 and older
3 - 6 Adults 18 and older
7 - 10 Adults 18 and older

Discover the secret side of Roman history

Take this 2-hour tour to the secret side of Roman history. Walk through the main highlights of the city center, like Campo de’ Fiori and Navona Square with their surroundings. Travel back to life in ancient times and Renaissance love affairs that took place in the palace of that area. Listen to stories about famous Roman relationships, wedding rituals, and seduction practices from your guide.

This tour is suitable for every adult who wants to know the deepest intimacy of Roman history while visiting some of the city’s most beautiful areas.


Sites Visited

Checkmark Campo de Fiori – in this place in the past stood the Pompey’s theater. The  theater at that time had the same function nowadays supplied by social: meeting place and courtship

Checkmark Piazza Farnese– Named after an important Renaissance family that lived in the square during Renaissance. Giulia Farnese was the lover of Pope Alessandro VI, Rodrigo Borgia, father of Lucrezia Borgia, controversial female figure of that time

Checkmark Piazza Navona–  intrigues took place in the surrounding buildings and courtesans and noblewomen that resided there  contributed to the history of Rome in the Renaissance

Checkmark Santa Maria sopra Minerva – in this Church took place the cerimony of so called “ammantate”: young  orphan girls that received a dowry from the Pope to get married

Checkmark Pantheon – not only temple of all gods, but also art memorial. Among the most famous tombs stands the one of Raphael, the painter, great “latin lover” of Renaissance