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Castel Sant’Angelo Tour

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Adult 18+
Child 4-17
Infant 0-3

Discover the history and secrets of the most famous castle in Rome

Take this 2-hour guided tour to discover Castel Sant’Angelo! It is located just outside the walls of Vatican City, and you can take it on the way back from the Vatican Museums or St. Peter’s Basilica

Do not be confused by the name: Castel Sant’Angelo was built to be a tomb, not a castle. It was the emperor Hadrian who commissioned a mausoleum for him and his successors. Then it became a fortress in 401 A.D., and in the 14th century, it was turned into a castle where the pope could take refuge crossing the corridor that directly connected the residence to the Vatican buildings. The large terrace, featured in Puccini’s opera, offers you wonderful views over the city, so bring a camera with you!

You can admire the sumptuous apartments of Pope Paul III, richly decorated with Renaissance frescos. Your guide tells the history of the bronze angel statue placed over the top of the castle, and you discover why the museum took its present name as Castel Sant’Angelo.

Enjoy skip-the-line access and a personalized experience as part of a small group tour limited to 10 people, led by a professional, local guide.

Sites Visited

Checkmark Emperor Hadrian’s tomb

Checkmark Statue of Archangel Michael, holding his sword

Checkmark Courtyard of executions

Checkmark The Fortress and its defense walls

Checkmark The angel figures made by Bernini

Checkmark Pope Paul III’s apartments

Checkmark The Treasure Room

Checkmark The panoramic terrace from where you can enjoy wonderful views of the surroundings