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Enjoy a memorable tasty experience making authentic tiramisù and handmade pasta in the city center of Rome around the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain

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  • 2Hour
  • 7 days a week
  • 10+Famous Sites Visited
  • 15 peopleMax Size for 1 Group
  • 29Price per person
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  • Duration : Approximately 2 hour
  • When : Everyday at 8.30 am
  • Price : 29 Euro per person

Are you coming to Rome but don’t have enought time to visit the city? If you are looking for the best solution to see the most famous squares and enjoy a typical Italian meal with high quality and best food without spending a fortune, this is the tour that suits you!

We will let you experience a fanny and very interesting walking tour to discover the highlights like Pantheon, Navona square and Trevi fountain and hidden corners, accompanied by a professional, local guide. This tour will have the right mix of culture and food tasting.

Following the Italian habits, in midday, you will taste a savoury “aperitivo” with a mix of salami and red wine, followed by a choice of spread creams for a special bruschetta.

The best will come in a pasta bar, when you first choose the pasta recipe you prefer and a chef will make it in front of you. A rich plate of fresh made pasta like tonnarelli cheese and peppeer, rigatoni all’amatriciana, spaghetti alla carbonara and others.

Before visiting one of the most famous monuments in Rome, the Pantheon, you will step into a gelateria, to taste a real genuine fresh gelato. If you can try the different original flavours like the “pine tree” or blu cheese, or choose between 7 differrent options of chocolate flavours.

Do not forget to bring a coin with you and throw it inside the Trevi Fountain to grant your return to Rome, not before to taste one of the most tasty and best known Italian dessert: tiramisu. Buon appetito!

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Sites Visited

Santa Maria Sopra Minerva
The main church of the Dominicans in Rome
Tombs of the Popes
Paul IV, Urban VII, Benedict XIII, Clemens VII, Leo X
Carafa Chapel
Renaissance masterpieces by Filippino Lippi
Rome's best preserved Ancient temple
Bernini's Elephant
Supporting an Ancient Egyptian Obelisk
Tomb of Painter Raphael
And the sepulchers of Queen Margherita and Victor Emmanuel II
Oldest Active Hotel In Rome
And the Obelisk of Ramses II
Michelangelo's Christ with the Cross
And the tomb of Saint Catherine of Siena

Tips & recommendations

  • In hot days of Summer wear a hat and comfortable shoes. Do not forget also to bring camera to take pictures of the great sites you will see

  • Shoulders and kness should be covered when entering churches

  • Bring a bottle of water with you that you can refill from the beautiful and fresh fountains of Rome with great drinkable water